Jay is a pediatrician and preventive medicine specialist with a masters in public health from Johns Hopkins. After completing residency, he started a practice for his neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn in September 2007. People would visit his website – see his Google calendar – choose a time and input their symptoms – his iPhone would alert him – he’d make a house call – they’d pay him via Paypal – and he’d follow up by e-mail, IM, videochat, or in person.

This concept led to Jay co-founding Hello Health, a novel way of experiencing healthcare via a Facebook-like platform that uses technology – including e-mail, instant messaging, and video chat – to restore the traditional doctor-patient relationship but updated for today’s lifestyle.

He’s been called ‘The Doctor of the Future’ and one of the ‘Top Ten Most Creative People in Healthcare’ by Fast Company. Esquire Magazine included him in 2009′s ‘Best and Brightest: Radicals and Rebels Who Are Changing the World’ issue. He’s been featured in GOOD Magazine, CNN, Newsweek, and Health Affairs. The leading trade publication for hospital and system executives, Hospitals and Health Networks, dedicated a cover article to Jay entitled, Your Future Chief of Staff? Jay also appears in Seth Godin’s new book, Linchpin.