“I’ve just spent an extremely enjoyable 36 hours or so in The Netherlands at the World Design Forum. It was held in Eindhoven just before the launch party for Dutch Design Week, to which I was also very kindly invited by John Thackara and Jill Lauret”, as to quote Doug Belshaw, one of WDF’s key note speakers.

“Accompanying me on the trip was Tim Riches, CEO of DigitalMe. We spoke on Open Badges: I did the macro overview stuff and he drilled down into the details of the projects for which he’s using badges, such as S2R Medals. There were plenty of people afterwards who wanted to think through how they could be used in their particular context – from Design students to government agencies wanting to promote certain behaviours.

It was an extremely well-organised event held in possibly the most inspiring and best-equipped venue in which I’ve ever had the privilege to present. As you’ll be able to see from the photograph above, WDF2012 was located in an old factory building with the ‘room’ itself was bounded by long white strings. These allowed you to get in and out at any point of the perimeter, but there was enough material on the ‘walls’ to project images, video, etc. from the multitude of projectors facing out from the centre of the room. Add some atmospheric lighting, spot-on audio/visual work, and you’ve got the recipe for an epic venue.

Thankfully, most of the speakers were engaging, informative and entertaining. There was everything from crowdsourcing a morning rush hour problem relating to the raising and lowering of a bridge in Rotterdam to helping victims of torture and abuse tell their stories anonymously on video. Afterwards we went to what I wan to call a restaurant, but was nothing like I’ve seen before. It was like being round at someone’s house for a party: there were long tables, and a kind of ‘kitchen’ area, and food served out of drawers. You’ll be able to look at the photos of this when I upload them – it was extremely conducive to informal dining and conversation. …”

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