Report WDF 2011

The second World Design Forum brought together leaders in business and politics, bridging cultures and countries, addressing the issues affecting our world. Under the inspiring leadership of moderator John Thackara, keynote speakers Jay Parkinson (pediatrician and medicine specialist), Paul Priestman (designer and member of the Royal College of Art Council) and Roger van Boxtel (CEO [...]

Thackara on WDF

Eindhoven, home of Philips and the lightbulb, was recently voted "smartest region in the world" for its prowess as an innovator of high-value, technology-based products. World Design Forum: A meeting to explore how this smartness might be applied to the global care market must have seemed a promising idea. Read the full article  

Video registration

At WDF 2011 four keynote speakers presented their view on the role of design and design thinking in reforming healtcare processes. Watch the video registration of their presentations here. John Thackara Jay Parkinson Paul Priestman Roger van Boxtel

Interview Jay Parkinson

Jane Hardjono of The Care Think Tank attended the World Design Forum.  She had the great privilege to interview Jay Parkinson, whom they featured in a video some weeks earlier. Read the full post at The Care Think Tank. Or watch the interview here:    

Importance of design

World Design Forum opened with an interview by moderator John Thackara with the Mayor of the City of Eindhoven, Rob van Gijzel. Van Gijzel explained why design is so important to Eindhoven, and in fact to the future of all cities. Why is design so important to Eindhoven? Van Gijzel: “Design has always played a [...]

WDF 2011 succesfull

On Friday, October 21 the second edition of the World Design Forum was held in Eindhoven, just prior to the Dutch Design Week. It was a successful seminar. With an attentive audience of about 60 selected business and design leaders, four keynote speakers presented their view on the role of design and design thinking in [...]

Robertus at WDF

During WDF Hans Robertus was interviewed by Studio 040. Watch the complete interview with Hans Robertus, director Design Cooperation Brainport, on WDF and Dutch Design Week.

Hallo 040 on WDF

Last year, Dutch Design Week was launched with the inaugural World Design Forum, inspired by the format and vision of the World Economic Forum. In this second edition, the WDF launched the 10th anniversary of DDW, and its half-day programme consisted of 3 keynotes and was studded with panel discussions. Its theme was “A Caring [...]

Thackara on Care

"The time has surely come to regard the bottom of the pyramid as the top when it comes to health care innovation." Grammars for the transformation of health care By John Thackara Alzheimer100 is a project that aims to come up with creative solutions to the challenges presented by dementia. When we started work on [...]