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Het Urban Futures Lab in Den Haag leverde afgelopen maart interessante denkbeelden op over de toekomst van de stad. Het Urban Futures Lab was een brainstormsessie van vijf dagen waarin studenten, creatieven en ambtenaren samenwerkten aan impressies van mogelijke toekomstbeelden (probes).

Agriculture and social innovation

Aeres Group published a report on their participation at World Design ForumPublished 22 november 2012 at aeresgroup.nl De polder in de verboden stad Ooit torende het Philipsembleem hoog boven de binnenstad van Eindhoven. Het logo met de sterren markeerde een watertoren die nu nog bekend staat als het klokgebouw, een plek waar de gloeilampenfabrikant in [...]

WDF in the media

We are looking back at a very succesfull third edition of World Design Forum. An edition full of innovations. Literally and figuratively. We were proud to be the opening event  at the enchanting RoundHouse at the Klokgebouw, Behind the Curtain. A special 360-degree presentation space, in the heart of the Dutch Design Week, a perfect [...]

Dutch ministry

“Creativity and innovation are the key factors that will determine our future. Using their ability to conceptualise and imagine, the creative industries can make an important contribution to this future. They have the potential to strengthen our capacity for innovation. Our Topteam for the Creative Industries wants to fully realise this potential. The importance of [...]

Thackara on WDF

Eindhoven, home of Philips and the lightbulb, was recently voted "smartest region in the world" for its prowess as an innovator of high-value, technology-based products. World Design Forum: A meeting to explore how this smartness might be applied to the global care market must have seemed a promising idea. Read the full article