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Belshaw on WDF 2012

"I’ve just spent an extremely enjoyable 36 hours or so in The Netherlands at the World Design Forum. It was held in Eindhoven just before the launch party for Dutch Design Week, to which I was also very kindly invited by John Thackara and Jill Lauret", as to quote Doug Belshaw, one of WDF's key [...]

True social change

The prelude to the Dutch Design Week, the World Design Forum (WDF), was held on Friday 19 October at the iconic Klokgebouw building. The location, a disused factory building from the 1930s, has found a new lease of life as a cultural hotspot. This proved almost symbolic for the themes that kept returning in the [...]


We are proud to announce the full conference agenda of the third World Design Forum. WDF 2012 builds on the success of last year’s event with the theme 'care'. This year we move from micro to macro and look at the creation of local living communities and economies from the ground up. We inquire how [...]


This year WDF will take place at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, Strijp-S. Klokgebouw forms the shining centre of Dutch Design Week. During DDW 2012 it will show work with a focus on industrial design. This means that the Klokgebouw is thé place for design agencies, manufacturers, labels and brands. We are looking forward to welcome [...]

WDF 2012

We have entered a period of profound social and economic transition that offers many opportunities for new kinds of social enterprise to do more - and to do it better - with less means. World Design Forum 2012 (WDF) will explore this changing social innovation landscape. This high-level event will identify key success factors, and [...]

Dutch ministry

“Creativity and innovation are the key factors that will determine our future. Using their ability to conceptualise and imagine, the creative industries can make an important contribution to this future. They have the potential to strengthen our capacity for innovation. Our Topteam for the Creative Industries wants to fully realise this potential. The importance of [...]

Report WDF 2011

The second World Design Forum brought together leaders in business and politics, bridging cultures and countries, addressing the issues affecting our world. Under the inspiring leadership of moderator John Thackara, keynote speakers Jay Parkinson (pediatrician and medicine specialist), Paul Priestman (designer and member of the Royal College of Art Council) and Roger van Boxtel (CEO [...]

Thackara on WDF

Eindhoven, home of Philips and the lightbulb, was recently voted "smartest region in the world" for its prowess as an innovator of high-value, technology-based products. World Design Forum: A meeting to explore how this smartness might be applied to the global care market must have seemed a promising idea. Read the full article  

Video registration

At WDF 2011 four keynote speakers presented their view on the role of design and design thinking in reforming healtcare processes. Watch the video registration of their presentations here. John Thackara Jay Parkinson Paul Priestman Roger van Boxtel